Dino's Git Down

Mark C. Bach
We featured the 2018 Dino's Git Down, a C-10 slugfest, in the December, 2019 issue of Truck Round-Up. It was so much fun we couldn't wait to attend the 2019 version which was held at a new location in Glendale, AZ on November 15, 2019. This is the same weekend as the folks from Goodguy's wrap up their season in Scottsdale, AZ with the Fall Nationals. That way many folks can attend both events in one weekend. Dino's Git Down is part of the "Triple Crown of C-10" car shows and wraps up the season for these Chevy trucks. Plus a few other years and "brands" sneak in.
Imagine taking over a large portion of a shopping center/entertainment complex's parking lot and having nothing but C-10's to stare at. Surprisingly the folks behind this do not charge a red cent for either the truck entries or the spectators. Dino's does have a few vendors set up to show off their wares and there was plenty of nearby food and drink places when the need arose.
Our friends from United Pacific brought out a large display of the Chevy parts they carry in their massive catalog. John Padilla, the firm's Classic Cars Sales Manager, said he had been convinced by C-10 owners that he had to come out to this show, which is right after the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV. The fact that their SEMA booth featured a C-10 from Arizona (See the February 2010 issue of Truck Round-Up for the feature on that wicked 1966 C-10) helped convince him! Padilla noted that there was huge interest in their LED taillights and other parts that are adding a modern touch to these classic work horses.

This truck show was loads of fun. There are no prizes, no competitions, no complaining - just plenty of friendship and camaraderie. People were sharing stories and do it yourself tips. There were several hotels nearby for those who came from out of town. After the car show, the following day the folks from Dino's had a cruise to the east side of the valley to help blow out the carbon!

Dino's Git Down is so successful that they have to close down access to the parking lot when they reach capacity. The word is next year they will expand to a two day event; with day one being the C-10 showcase and day two allowing all other Chevy's cars and trucks in for the fun. Can't wait to see that.

Note- As this is written the country has shut down over COVID-19. I hope this car show review and the pictures help you get through our country's efforts to counter this disease. Stay safe!
(C)  2020 Mark C. Bach
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