Ford Trucks Transformed

Mark C. Bach
We've covered the amazing work done by Gateway Bronco on their restorations/modifications to the Ford Bronco lineup for a while now. In January, 2020 at the Barrett-Jackson auction they set a world's record for the highest price paid for a Bronco when their 1974 Bronco sold for $650,000. Granted the Bronco was a charity car with the sale price going to the Ryan Blaney Family Foundation to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. But a record is a record. And the Bronco was a fantastic build. But you always wondered what else the firm could do. Well wonder no more my friend.
We knew a while back that this was coming but were sworn to secrecy. But in June, 2020 they finally announced that they are going to work their magic on the Ford truck line. In fact the first resto-moded truck will be a 1969 Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4X4 that will debut at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association) Show in November, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. My guess is it will be hard to miss a giant F250 with four doors and hiked up for four wheel drive.
Given their over the top work with the blue oval Broncos, it was a no-brainer to have the Ford suits approve these Ford updates. Gateway Bronco has been licensed to do their magic on the 1967-1972 models. But it took a long time for owner Seth Burgett to make this all happen. The Chevy C-10's trucks have been getting most of the attention in the after-market world, but this might fuel new interest in the Ford truck heritage lineup.
Of course they aren't going to be content with any old power plants. You can start off with the five liter V8 Coyote power machine. Or ramp it up with the new Ford Godzilla 7.3 liter V8. Plus if you want more oomph, the folks at Gateway Bronco are planning to offer your choice of twin turbos, a Harrop supercharger or a Roush blower. We figure they will be pushing a massive 700 + horsepower with those add ons. They will be matching the engines to a ten speed automatic and push button four wheel drive. Can you say sweet?
The folks will produce a custom chassis with a four link suspension and an Eaton ELocker differential up front matched to their Detroit Truetrac Locker at the rear. Throw in some creature comforts like rawhide seats, an active exhaust and a floor bed made with genuine barn wood and you have all the making of a smashing success.
The sketches are all we have for now but that will have to do until the real deal comes truckin' to us at the SEMA Show.
(c) 2020 Mark C. Bach
Drawings courtesy of Gateway Bronco
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