How Many Bucks For These Classic Trucks?

Mark C. Bach
The classic car scene in Arizona is craaaazy at the beginning of the year. Between January 10-19, 2020 eight car auction firms - MAG Auctions, Leake, Worldwide Auctioneers, RM Sotheby's, Bonhams, Gooding and Company, Russo and Steele and Barrett-Jackson all schedule auctions in the Phoenix region. So in 24 auction days, 3,867 cars crossed the auction blocks. This year 2,994 of these vehicles were actually sold for a total price of over $244 million. Yes MILLIONS.
Many of you are familiar with Barrett-Jackson and their auctions. Between their cable television coverage and Internet live streaming, lots of people can avoid the cold winters and look at beautiful cars and trucks being sold for amazing sums.
Trucks and SUV's are still popular items, especially the C-10 and Bronco market. You see picture perfect restorations to factory specs, as well as upgraded modernized pickups, generally lowered and with a smoother ride with more power.
Rather than focus on only a few high dollar trucks that sold at Barrett-Jackson, I thought it might be interesting to focus on some trucks that crossed the auction block that you might not have seen or paid attention to. Remember that auction houses charge the buyer a premium, typically 10% that they keep, so the final listed prices in this column includes those premiums.
A)    1965 Chevy C-10
Actually this one you didn't see at Barrett-Jackson. It actually was sold early in the week by Worldwide Auctioneers. I included it to reinforce that there are plenty of trucks at all the auctions and a buyer needs to take the time to check out all the offerings. This blue C-10 had been modified with a big rear window and a newer V8 with automatic. Although the truck had new chrome the paint was rough in spots.
B)     1946 Hudson
Tricked you again. This 1946 Hudson 3/4 ton truck was at the RM Sotheby's Auction. Even the more upscale sites will bring in a few truckers for the buyers. It started out originally as an Arizona car and came back for the sale, after a short stay with a buyer in California. This is a Series 58 Carrier and was pretty much a stock restoration. It came with the stock Super Six engine and the Hudson trucks were generally based on passenger car engineering and ride quality. You don't see too many Hudson trucks, since not many were produced. Only around 3,300 were made in 1946 after the war.
C)    1939 Chevrolet Custom COE
Yes this was a custom for sure. It started out as a tanker truck and then made into what you see now with a modern LS1 engine, four speed automatic and the custom Art Morrison chassis sported coilovers and a nice wood bed.
D)    1957 Dodge D-100
In the land of Fords and Chevys, you don't often think of Dodge's but this seller obviously gave it lots of thought. The paint was to die for and the bucket seats were a nice addition. Even better was the new 5.9 liter HEMI engine under the hood. A custom tubular frame with coilovers on each corner would make for a smooth ride.
E)     1969 Chevrolet C10 Custom
This is probably the typical resto mod C10 with a LS6 fuel injected motor, four speed automatic transmission and AccuRide suspension to get it down low. Corvette brakes help it slow down and the wood bed rises to reveal the rear suspension for show and tell.
F)    1954 Chevrolet Townsman
This looked to be a basic stocker with a six cylinder engine and a three speed transmission. But it came in with air shocks. The four doors might be two too many but the surfboard on top had to add some value?
G)    1960 Studebaker
This actually wasn't part of the auction. Barrett-Jackson each year brings a few cars and trucks from their local showroom to highlight and offer outright for sale without an auction. It was powered by a 259 CI V8 engine with overdrive transmission. The Champ Deluxe came with a ton of chrome but the owner ordered it with a radio delete. Back then it even came from the factory with a padded dash and a sliding rear window.
H)    2005 Daihatsu Sunny Pickup
I threw this in to prove a point. If you are looking for a vehicle, you'll either find it at the Arizona auctions or you don't need it!  I am not sure why the seller had it or why the buyer bought it.  The truck was registered in Arizona for off highway use and had a 3 cylinder 550 CC engine (sorry not cubic inches but cubic centimeters). The four speed transmission had a high range and the paint was listed as new with just over 12,000 miles on the odometer.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my eclectic selection. Now that you have seen these trucks make a guess on the selling prices and check out page xx for the answers. Were you close?
(c) 2020 Mark C. Bach
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Selling prices, all with a 10% buyers premium
A) $35,200
B) $36,400 but the catalog had hoped for $50,000-40,000
C) $95,700
D) $82,500
E) $165,000
F) $33,000
G) They were asking $19,500 for this. Not sure if it sold while there at the auction but it is no longer in the showroom.
H) $6,050

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