Let's Go Trucking!

Mark C. Bach
Let's Go Trucking!
The Goodguys Rod and Custom Association wraps up their year of nationwide car shows with the Fall Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ. One of the highlights of this three day show is bringing together their Top Twelve award winners representing the top of the hill in each category. They actually issue two awards for the trucks, the Truck of the Year-Early for 1959 model or earlier years. Plus naturally they offer the Truck of the Year-Late for 1960-1987 trucks.
Both of these trucks represent some cutting edge looks and style and can give onlookers some ideas to consider over the winter. These models competed across the nation and were regional picks before winning the final award.
Truck of the Year - Early
First off that color blue on this 1958 Ford F-100 was stunning with a capital "S". The big window truck has the looks and the power to dominate the parking lot. The owner kept it all blue oval by using a Ford Coyote 5 liter engine with a supercharger added for some extra oomph! It rests on a custom Art Morrison chassis and uses coil overs up front and a four link rear end. The owner shaved the drip rails (good choice), filled in the cowl and slapped on a wide and thin hood scoop. They used Wilwood brakes to help slow her down and Vintage Air for the comfort zone. Leather seats and white oak in the bed finished up the color choices.
The builder took three years and almost 3,000 hours to finish it up and it shows. I love the smooth look of this 1958 Ford and the blue color makes the sides of this pickup pop.
Truck of the Year - Late
Okay some may argue if an El Camino is a truck or not, but most generally will lump these Chevelle based tourers into the truck category. So this 1970 El Camino fills the bill. The builder, Cam Miller, in 2016 took home the Battle of the Builder trophy from the SEMA Show. So he knows a thing or two. This baby rests on another Art Morrison chassis with a rack and pinion steering system. The gas stations must love the owner when he slides in with his 572 C.I. Chevy big block engine big gulper. The engine comes with a set of eight stacks for the intake which actually hides the fuel injection system cleanly. A Tremec six speed helps move the Elky. Although the official color is brown, depending on the light it may show darker. The bed changed out the all steel body for some sweet shiny burl wood inserts.
The emblems were shaved off to help smooth the bodylines. The builder added some custom body work along the bottom of the truck for ground effects which some might question the need for or their utility. Personally it detracted from the style but then I didn't pay the bills! Lots of two tone leather installed by Gabe's helped out the interior. The taillights were custom flush fitted to continue the smooth look. Overall it was a sweet competitor and that dark brown color lets it be a sleeper until that engine fires up.
So while you are hibernating this winter, you can consider these two trucks from Goodguys Rod and Custom Association and figure out what you might want to incorporate into your beast of burden. And pick up a copy of this month's Classic Car Round-Up to see the remaining ten car winners in the Top Twelve.
(c) 2020 Mark C. Bach

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