New Generation Truckers - Father/Son Project

Bob “Video Bob” and Jeannine Huff
Back in his day Colton Davis' father was a "mud bogger" when he was in high school. Long before Colton ever became of driving age, he had visions of someday following in his father's footsteps with a "mud bog truck" like his dad had.
When he turned 16 his vision became a reality in the form of a 1978 Ford F-150 which he drove all through high school. Every morning when he pulled out of his driveway for classes, he would daydream about converting it into a "bogger."
When he graduated in 2014 his father presented him with a 12" Hi Jacker lift kit for his truck. Not to be out done, his mother followed up with a full set of four 39.5/18/15" TSI mud bogging tires mounted on Micky Thompson Classic rims. Soon Colton was toiling away in the tractor barn next to his home where he and his father would spend many long weekends converting his stock F-150 into a full-fledged mud bogger.
When Colton's "childhood dream" was completed he couldn't wait to hit the streets of Aragon, GA to show it off. Having the only "monster type truck" for miles around it was "thumbs up, waves, fists in the air," etc. every time he took to the streets. Each time he cruised or attended a mud bog (as a spectator only) he would look for new ideas and mods to better his ride.
In 2018 he decided to take it off the road for a rebuild which would include new paint along with a 466ci big block, modified C-6, 488 posi rear, and necessities required for a mud bog truck. This rebuild would take nearly 15 months to complete.
In one his parts shipments Colton found a Truck Round-Up advertising the Grand National F-100 Show in Pigeon Forge, TN—an all-Ford truck event that caters to the "Best of the Best" in Ford trucks.
With the event just weeks away, Colton and his father worked overtime to complete it for the event. However, the show was cancelled just days ahead of the event due to COVID which played havoc on the 2020 car/truck show schedules.
These cancellations proved to be the break Colton and his father needed to complete the truck. With time to spare the truck was finished in time to enter the event and not only won Truck Round-Up's beautiful three-foot "Editor's Choice Award " but also several Top-Class Awards as well.
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