Truck Invasion

Mark C. Bach
The Grand National Roadster Show held their 71st annual show at the Pomona, CA Fairgrounds on January 24-26, 2020. Besides awarding the America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) trophy and the inaugural Al Slonaker Memorial Award, they awarded a ton of trophies in other classes. This show is billed as the longest running continuous indoor car show. You wouldn't expect to see trucks at a roadster show but that shows you not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case a car show by its name.
So besides the ten buildings stacked full of displays of cars and trucks at the Grand National Roadster Show, they also held their 15th Grand Daddy's "Drive In" car show. On Saturday and Sunday a different set of cars roll in each day to claim a piece of asphalt and enjoy the show. Besides the pre-1973 hot rods that cruise in there are plenty of trucks to stare and drool over.
Did I mention that they offer a ton of awards? Here are the truck classes for the show - not counting awards issued for the Drive-In Show. There is Street Roadster Pickup ? pre?1935, Street Rod Truck ? pre?1935, Custom Rod Truck, Custom Rod Panel/Delivery 35?48, Semi ? Pickup ? 48?52 except GM 47?54, Full ? Pickup ? 48?52 except GM 47?54, Mild ? Pickup ? 53?56 except GM 55?56, Mild Pickup 57?72, Semi Pickup 57?72, Full Pickup 57?72, Mild Pickup 73?87, Pickup Custom, Mild Pickup Custom, Full Pickup Custom, Radical Compact Pickup, Dually Truck, Lowrider Truck and Pro?Street Truck/Van. Yep that is 18 classes.

There are plenty of similar shows out there. They may focus on a particular brand or style of car but allow others to play in their sandbox too. It helps fill in the spaces and brings in more patrons to the show. Plus it gives you a chance to take off the blinders, expand your horizons and check out some other builds and styles. I've gone to low rider shows and seen stock 4X4 pickups. I've been to Concours style events and seen rat rods with a ton of rust and patina.
If there is a car show that fits into my schedule I will make every effort to check them out, even if they might not be the standard tire burners I am looking for. So go out and check out a show you might not normally seek out, and you might just be surprised at what you see
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