Car Companies And Automotive Fluids

John Pizzo
Hello once again readers. This month I'm going to talk about the specific fluids that car companies made for their cars.
In the 1930s-1970s, many of the car manufacturers used specific fluids for their cars. The fluid was put in from the factory, at the dealers, and it was also available for public purchase.
A few of the manufacturers that used there own fluids were: Oldsmobile, Ford, Chryco/Mopar, and GM also had a line of fluids that met the specs for all GM vehicles so that when an Oldsmobile came into a Chevy dealer or a private shop/gas station there would be a fluid available if needed. An example of that is the GM anti-freeze and the Delco hydraulic shock fluid cans seen here.
Most of the car manufacturers made a lot of different cleaners for cars. Some are spot remover, tar remover, chrome cleaner, carburetor cleaner just to name a few. These types of cleaners and fluids are also available from any gas station just branded with the station logo, they’re the same fluid in the can, just a different label.
Another item that the car companies distributed is luster or polishing cloths. There are many different ones seen in the pictures.
Something else that car makers sold and used at dealerships are the handy oilers also seen in the pictures. These little oilers are very hard to find and can be expensive. They are very collectible and like a lot of things in the hobby, there are books and guides to help give you an estimated value.
I use value/guide books as just a guide and check list as the values are out of date almost right after its printed. I tell everyone I talk with to buy what you like and what you can afford.
This is a topic that I can go on about but that will have to wait for another time. For now I bid you all a good day. I’m always looking to buy, just drop me a line here at Thanks.

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