Michigan Gas Show

John Pizzo
Another great season of gas shows is underway and I'm kicking mine off with a local gas show in Ottawa Lake, MI. This is a great show where everyone can find something.
The show takes place in the back yard of Mr. Jerry Keller. He is a collector with a fantastic collection. This show is one of the smaller shows but the quality of the stuff is fantastic and this year, there seemed to be more available for purchase.
It's always nice to talk with friends that are in state and surrounding states that have a passion for the same things. I got to chat with some guys I don't see very often and made some new contacts.
This year I was able to get these items at some fantastic prices. I like the Gulfpride oil can the best. I have been looking for this can for a long time.
I'm always looking for any kind of 1-quart oil can to add to the collection. The parade pump plate is also one of my favorite buys from the show. Ok that's enough of me talking, enjoy the pictures.

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