Dublin Gas Show

John Pizzo
Hello and welcome to another great show for the collector. This year’s show, held in Dublin, OH, was the third time I went and “oh boy,” was it a good show.
There were so many high quality signs and pumps there and the prices reflected that but there were deals to be had and I found several on oil cans.
The amount of cans was not as much as past times I've gone but I was still able to bring some home.
The show this year was great for all levels of collectors, whether you just started or have been for years there was something for everyone.
There were many different things at every vendor spot. There were three spots in a row that had signs and not one of them was the same.
Many of the rooms inside were full of different items as well. There were a lot of great items to be had if you had the money for them.
I encourage anyone that is serious about this hobby to go to this show and check it out, you won't be disappointed. Here are some of the things that were there.

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