The Old School Hotrodders of Virginia - Spring Cruise In Swap Meet

Darrell Olgers
The Old School Hot Rodders of Virginia held their Spring Cruise-In and Swap Meet on Saturday May 1, 2021 in Sutherland, VA about 30 minutes south of Richmond. This was the third annual spring event and their largest ever with over 200 pre-1981 vehicles in attendance ranging from 100-point fully restored show cars, rat rods, old school rods, a vintage rail-type dragster, a blown flathead powered altered, and even a vintage fire truck.
The setting is the yard of the circa 1803 Sutherlands Tavern and the lot across the way that holds Olgers Store which was built in 1908 as a simple country store but later added gasoline tanks and became an Amoco dealer as well. A 6' wide porcelain Amoco sign that still hangs from its original sign perch out front and makes the perfect backdrop for all the old vehicles.
This event is growing in leaps and bounds due to the "down home" setting and has been called "The Woodstock of Cruise-Ins" by some in attendance. There were many new friends made at this event it seems which also included some pin-up models and even a few burnouts from participants—one leaving a pile of smoldering rubber on the street out front with much cheering from the crowd in attendance during his performance.
Their next Old School Hot Rodders of Virginia Fall Cruise-In and Swap Meet is planned for Saturday October 30, 2021 at 19621 Namozine Road Sutherland VA with summer plans to construct a 200" two lane blacktop out back for burnouts and even a short drag race or two.
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